Finger Scan App Reviews

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no simulation at all

This application does not provide any scan at all but only sense when you touch the screen. Useless, pointless and a serious waste of money !


Please nobody else buy this it does not work of do anything. Takes forever and most of the time says error please hold still and you have to start over again. Completely useless waste of money

barely entertaining; Ive seen better screensavers

Make no mistake, this is in the Entertainment category, not Utility category, as its really little more than eye candy. Ive seen better screensavers. It performs no real function, so prepare to be disappointed. Or have fun with it and impress (or disappoint your friends). I bought this with the dream that perhaps one day, we will have this, for real.


stupidest app ever... 2.99! they should pay you too use this app.

Really cool

People should get this, its really cool and worth it, so get it.

I dont like it

I hate this app I Waisted my money


This is a waste of money! It doesnt do anything! Dont buy this app unless you want to get ripped off. I would give it zero stars if I could.

It is a fake I want my money back


Wort app

Regret buying this! Dont throw away your money!

Want money back

What a hoax! Want my money back


Even after selecting "show instructions" in settings, nothing appeared rendering app useless


Waste of money

should have known

I read all the reviews and I still downloaded it and Im so disappointed. it was the worst 4 dollars I ever spent. I wish I would have listened it doesnt work and it is stupid.

Pretty amusing

Looking at other comments, you proably think this app isnt worth it....well I think its great..I got ALOT of my friends and family fooled...great for me...if u like playing jokes, u will like this app

Its alright but not worth $4

Its kinda fun && all but so not worth $4 maybe like .99 cents or sumtin but if u like playin tricks on ppl its alright but only like the first 3 times dont waste ur $4 trust me ur not missing out all it says is acces granted and its over


Wow.. What a waste of 4 dollars. Dont buy this app, its pointless.

Worst app

Dont make the same mistake as me. This is by far the worst app that I have ever downloaded. The free apps are a thousand times better.

How does this thing work

Please tell me how this works Where do I tap three times. Specifically

Dont buy this app

This app is not worth four flipping dollars and u can never get into this app it always denies u the thing stinks


I personaly love this app and how it works but this is just not worth $3.00. I think a company should make a real finger print scanner for a price of $5.00- $10.00. I would surely buy a real finger print scanner for reasonable price.

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